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Education Programs

Portfolio Education Center

Whether through gallery talks, outreach programs or in the classroom,
teaching and learning are the very heart of Portfolio’s mission.

Individuals Served
Elementary through high school students
• Traditional creative arts in a classroom setting
• After school enrichment programs.
• Summer camp programs.
• Character building.

Adult education
• Recreational arts
• Arts in employment and business arts

Unique student groups
• Creative arts for developmentally disabled
• Arts education for ex-offenders
• Art Recovery Through Creativity (ARTC) for adolescent substance abusers

Innovative Program Design
Portfolio’s unique strength is working with clients and teachers to develop new innovative arts programs that focus on learning specific skill sets. Examples include:

For the Ritenour School District
Learning about art & science, students approach art as a “micro system,” looking at art under a microscope, exploring the makeup of colors,

For Innovation Concept Academy with support from Judge Jimmie Edwards
Learning about the juvenile justice system, students are taught a character -building component using the visual arts.

Partial List of Clients
Preferred Family Healthcare
Ferguson-Florissant School District
Ritenour School District
Missouri School for the Blind
Jackie Joyner-Kersee Center
American Red Cross Adult Day Care Centers
St. Louis Public Schools
Girls, Inc.
University of Missouri St. Louis
Forest Park Community College
Third Baptist Church Summer Camp
Medium Security Institution (Workhouse)